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Great content

Really thoughtful podcast for those who are thinking about selling their businesses. Not just about maximizing value, but also about the journey after the big day.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

What a gift it is to have a mentor like Jeff walk entrepreneurs through the tricky and exciting path toward preparing and selling their business for the best possible outcome. He breaks everything down into steps and brings on great guests who freely share their experiences selling a business in an effort to help you copy the good things and avoid the bad. Great show.

I am both an avid listener and now a recent guest on the Sell My Business Podcast. I can't say enough about how informative and lively the show is. Jeffrey is a wonderful interviewer. I have been enjoying the episodes for a few weeks now and learning some great tips on business, selling, and liquidity events and now I am proud to call myself a guest as well. Take the time to subscribe and enjoy Jeffrey's show.

The show to learn all you need to know about selling your biz

Jeff is a fantastic host, having had inside experience of what his audience is navigating. He brings on expert guests that can add value and asks insightful questions such that the audience can maximise their learning. Highly recommend!

Jeff is a thorough interviewer and incredibly thoughtful

Jeff is great at asking his guests questions that most people don’t ask. He sees between the lines and knows exactly what to ask as if he were in his audience’s minds. His organic interview style, background, knowledge and the guests he brings onto the show makes this show one of a kind. He covers everything that you need to know to successfully sell your business and to take care of your well being at the same time. I highly recommend listening!

Not your run of the mill business podcast

I like hearing perspectives from guys that have actually done it, and the interviews are good too. Thoughtful questoins asked throughout, not your normal run-of-the-mill business podcast.