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The Deep Wealth Sell My Business Podcast

The Deep Wealth Sell My Business Podcast

Up to 90% of liquidity events fail. Of the ”successful” liquidity events, business owners leave 50% to over 100% of the deal value in the buyer’s pocket.

I said ”no” to a 7-figure offer and ”yes” to mastering the art and science of a liquidity event. I said ”yes” to a 9-figure offer from a different buyer two years later.

Let The Sell My Business Podcast be your North Star for your liquidity event. Learn little-known strategies that help increase deal certainty and enterprise value. After all, you want to capture the best deal instead of any deal. Here’s to you and your success!

Recent Episodes

Jodie Cook On How To Create A Hundred Million Dollar Idea (#150)

Aug. 10, 2022

"Everyone benefits from their own mission statement." - Jodie Cook Jodie Cook is a Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur in Europe. In 2011, Jodie started a digital agency that was later acquired in 2021. Alongside running …

Brenden Kumarasmy On How To Be A Top 1% Communicator (#149)

Aug. 8, 2022

"Be insane or be the same." - Brenden Kumarasmy Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. He also has a popular YouTube channel ca…

Leo Popik On Why It's Not Lonely At The Top When You're In The Right Type Of CEO Peer Group (#148)

Aug. 3, 2022

"There are things that are much more important than how much money you make or how powerful you become" - Leo Popik Leo Popik is a CEO advisor, mentor, coach, and board facilitator. He is the founder and CEO of Leading Peers…

Steve Preda On 5 Principles To 5X Your Business Value In 5 Years (#147)

Aug. 1, 2022

Steve Preda is a Leadership Team Coach whose passion is to help emerging privately owned businesses grow and thrive. He pursues it by simplifying and teaching management and strategy concepts used by large companies, and eli…

Reynaldo Santana On How To Create An Impact Through A Digital Non-Profit (#146)

July 27, 2022

"No one can stop you because you have greatness within you." -Reynaldo Santana Reynaldo is a visionary, purpose-driven business leader who thinks that via their businesses, entrepreneurs can improve the world, and is on a mi…

John Nantz On Little Known Strategic Planning Strategies That Get Results (#145)

July 25, 2022

John Nantz is the Founder and Strategic Consultant of Redwood Advisors, a business consulting and services firm focused on delivering strategic, organizational, and digital consulting projects to executives at large and high…